Drinking Water 2010

A report by the Chief Inspector of drinking water

This report is in PDF format. The Adobe® Acrobat Reader® can be freely downloaded here.

The Drinking Water Inspectorate annual report 'Drinking water 2010' provides an overview of the quality of public and private water supplies in England and Wales. It comprises of the following:

Chief Inspector's Letter to Ministers (for England and Wales)

The letters from the Chief Inspector to the Ministers in England and in Wales contain a high level overview of findings for the year.

Letter to Minister - England (PDF 279KB)
Letter to Minister - Wales (PDF 273KB)

Public water supplies - Regional Reports

The regional reports cover six regions of England and additionally Wales and summarise the testing and results of water quality tests, public confidence in drinking water, events and technical audit activity in the region.

Central Region (PDF 2.10MB)
Eastern Region (PDF1.93MB)
Northern Region (PDF 2.16MB)
Southern Region (PDF 1.94MB)
Thames Region (PDF 1.93MB)
Western Region (PDF 2.13MB)
Wales (in English)  (PDF 2.10MB)
Wales (in Welsh)  (PDF 2.13MB)

Private water supplies

Presented as separate reports for England and Wales and publishing for the first time numbers and types of supplies, a summary of monitoring results and case studies.

England (PDF 2.7MB)
Wales (PDF 1.7MB)

Company Data look up tables

Albion Water Company (PDF 299KB)
Anglian Water Services Limited (PDF 320KB)
Bournemouth and West Hampshire Water Plc (PDF 302KB)
Bristol Water Plc (PDF 334KB)
Cambridge Water Company (PDF 787KB)
Cholderton and District Water Company Limited (PDF 328KB)
Dee Valley Water Plc (PDF 295KB)
Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water (PDF 412KB)
Essex and Suffolk Water Plc (PDF 904KB)
Hartlepool Water Plc (PDF 734KB)
Independent Water Networks Ltd (PDF 347KB)
Northumbrian Water Limited (PDF 404KB)
Peel Water Networks (PDF 210KB)
Portsmouth Water Plc  (PDF 708KB)
Scottish and Southern Energy (PDF 561KB)
Severn Trent Water Limited (PDF 609KB)
South East Water Plc  (PDF 744KB)
South Staffordshire Water Plc (PDF 769KB)
South West Water Limited  (PDF 326KB)
Southern Water Limited  (PDF 852KB)
Sutton and East Surrey Water Plc  (PDF 392KB)
Thames Water Utilities Limited  (PDF 340KB)
United Utilities Water Plc  (PDF 342KB)
Veolia Water Central  (PDF 254KB)
Veolia Water East (PDF 221KB)
Veolia Water Projects (PDF 226KB)
Veolia Water Southeast (PDF 719KB)
Wessex Water Services Limited (PDF 727KB)
Yorkshire Water Services Limited  (PDF 469KB)

Significant drinking water quality events in 2010 (PDF 677KB)

Prosecution and Cautions (PDF 157KB)


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