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Guidance to Applicants

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1. Introduction

The document "Advice Sheet 1" outlines the essential elements of the approval application process. You are strongly recommended to read this before proceeding further with your application.

The approval process under Regulation 31(4)(a) is subject to charges (PDF 39KB). Full details are provided in the Guidance document (PDF 119KB).

Please note that as from 1 June 2015 we are changing our policy so that any application for approval which has not progressed for six months will be closed and a new application will need to be made.

2. Product Re-approval

In order to provide assurances that products included in the list have not changed and so continue to be suitable for contact with drinking water, all products are now subject to a re-approval process five years after the initial approval date.

3. Advice Sheets

Advice Sheet 1 gives an overview of the regulatory requirements and explains how to make an application for approval. Advice sheet 2 gives guidance on what will be required in your Instructions for Use document - it is very important that any IFU submitted to us conforms fully with these requirements, otherwise your applications may be delayed. Advice sheet 11 explains the re-approval process.

The remaining sheets provide information on the application requirements for certain product types. In addition, a range of Application forms are available, please see section 4 below.

Currently the following Advice Sheets are available :-

  1. Overview of the application process
  2. Instructions for use (IFU) document
  3. Treatment chemicals, filter media & ion exchange resins
  4. Changes to approved products
  5. Approval of products made from recognised materials & from metals
  6. Approval of membrane filtration systems & associated equipment
  7. Construction products for water retaining structures in water collection, treatment and distribution systems
  8. Products permitted to be used under regulation 31(4)(b) - products with a small surface area in contact with water.
  9. Emergencies - use of equipment and disinfectants
  10. Natural and Traditional products
  11. Product Re-approval Process

4. Application Forms* (MS Word Format unless specified)

To download the appropriate application form for your product, please click on the link below:

5. Testing

5.1 Test Laboratories

The following link provides a list of Regulation 31 designated test laboratories .

5.2 Test Protocols

Test Protocols have been prepared primarily for use by the designated test laboratories and provide test requirement details for the various types of products (e.g. pipes, tanks, coatings, linings, filter media and membrane systems etc).

Currently the following Test Protocols are available :

    0.   Designated Test Laboratory Requirements (PDF 69KB)
    1.   Reporting Requirements (PDF 183KB)
    2.   Non-metallic products: General Method (PDF 242KB)
    3.   Cementitious Products (PDF 146KB)
    4.   Metallic products: General Method (PDF 51KB)
    5.   Water Treatment Membranes (PDF 75KB)
    6.   Filter Media and ion exchange resins (PDF 91KB)


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