Case Studies - Installations

2014/11 (PDF 125KB) - Illegal connection

2014/07 (PDF 90KB) - Change of use from non-domestic to domestic purposes at a public building

2014/04 (PDF 102KB) - Deershed Festival

2013/19 (PDF 164KB) - Water safety plan approach to improving the safety of a private supply

2013/18 (PDF 55KB) - Private supplies require active management to ensure they are safe

2013/17 (PDF 59KB) - Illness reported by a visitor to a holiday cottage where the multi-barrier approach to water treatment had not been followed

2013/13 (PDF 190KB) - The challenge of keeping private water supply records up to date – a joint local authority and water company task

2013/02 (PDF 84KB) - The risk to water safety posed by eco-building design and the absence of effective procedures for scrutiny of the water supply aspects of planning applications

2013/01 (PDF 186KB) - Why having regard to Regulation 5 is preventative and will save costly complex investigations and remedies

2011/12 (PDF 150KB) - Prohibition of disconnection and securing the sufficiency of private supplies

2011/10 (PDF 150KB) - Consumer complaint of illness highlighting an inadequate approach to maintenance by the owner

2011/08 (PDF 248KB) - Unsatisfactory water quality as a consequence of using an unapproved treatment system

2011/06 (PDF 101KB) - Lead in drinking water, the overlooked health risk in small domestic private supplies?

2011/02 (PDF 102KB) - The need for a multi-barrier approach for a small surface water supply

2011/01 (PDF 102KB) - Deficiencies with a newly constructed borehole

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