Case Studies

The Inspectorate has published a number of Case Studies to illustrate the range and scope of the situations that can arise in the risk management of private supplies:

 A full list of Case Studies can be obtained in the Private Water Supplies Case Study Index

Case Studies: Regulation 8 Supplies

A Regulation 8 supply is one where the water originates from a public mains supply and is then further distributed by a person other than the water undertaker or licensed water supplier. A number of case studies are available.

Court Case/Appeals

The issuing of a legal Notice to a relevant person(s) has an obligation to comply with the requirements within the notice. The relevant person(s) can appeal and a Regulation 18 Notice is heard in front of a magistrate whilst a Section 80 is heard in front of the Inspectorate

A number of case studies are available to assist local authorities in ensuring Notices severed are complied with.



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