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Information Notes

The Inspectorate has produced a number of Information Notes which provide further guidance around the individual Regulations .

Guidance notes have been updated for the Private Water Supply (England) Regulations (as amended) for regulations 2 to 21 inclusive. * Guidance notes for regulation 11 will be updated shortly

PWS (England)   PWS (Wales)

Regulation 2:
Interpretation (PDF 62KB)

Regulation 3:
Scope (PDF 85KB)


Regulation 2:
Interpretation (PDF 67KB)
Welsh Translation (PDF 107KB)

Regulation 3:
Scope (PDF 84KB)
Welsh Translation (PDF 133KB)

Regulation 4:
Wholesomeness (PDF 60KB)

Regulation 5:
Use of Products and Disinfection arrangements(PDF 88KB)


Regulation 4:
Wholesomeness (PDF 53KB)
Welsh Translation (PDF 89KB)

Regulation 5:
Use of Products and Disinfection arrangements (PDF 92KB)
Welsh Translation (PDF 137KB)

Regulation 6:
Risk Assessment (PDF 95KB)

Regulation 7:
Monitoring (PDF 156KB)


Regulation 6:
Risk Assessment (PDF 54KB)
Welsh Translation of V1
(PDF 82KB) (translation of version 1.1 to follow)

Regulation 7:
Monitoring (PDF 149KB)
Welsh Translation (PDF 221KB)

Regulation 8:
Further Distribution (PDF 199KB)

Regulation 9:
Large and Commercial Supplies (PDF182KB)


Regulation 8:
Further Distribution (PDF 205KB)
Welsh Translation (PDF 271KB)

Regulation 9:
Large and Commercial Supplies (PDF 90KB)
Welsh Translation (PDF 120KB)

Regulation 10:
Small Supplies (PDF 66KB)

*Regulation 11:
Radioactivity (PDF 226KB)


Regulation 10:
Supplies to Single Dwellings (PDF 72KB)
Welsh Translation (PDF 96KB)

Regulation 11:
Supplies as part of a domestic tenancy and/or shared supply (PDF 72KB)
Welsh Translation (PDF 93KB)

Regulation 12:
Sampling and Analysis (PDF 102KB)

Regulation 13:
New Supplies (PDF 69KB)


Regulation 12 & 13:
Radioactivity (PDF 172KB)
Welsh Translation (PDF 206KB)

Regulation 14:
Sampling and Analysis (PDF 104KB)
Welsh Translation (PDF 139KB)

Regulation 14:
Records (PDF 76KB)

Regulation 15:
Provision of Information (PDF 56KB)


Regulation 15:
New Supplies (PDF 68KB)
Welsh Translation (PDF 91KB)

Regulation 16:
Records (PDF 79KB)
Welsh Translation (PDF 106KB)

Regulation 16:
Investigation (PDF 70KB)

Regulation 17:
Authorisation (PDF 58KB)


Regulation 17:
Provision of Information (PDF 55KB)
Welsh Translation (PDF 75KB)

Regulation 18:
Investigation (PDF 65KB)
Welsh Translation (PDF 87KB)

Regulation 18:
Notices (PDF 85KB)

Regulation 19:
Appeals (PDF 55KB)


Regulation 19:
Authorisation (PDF 61KB)
Welsh Translation (PDF 82KB)

Regulation 20:
Notices (PDF 85KB)
Welsh Translation (PDF 112KB)

Regulation 20:
Penalties (PDF 60KB)

Regulation 21:
Fees (PDF 63KB)


Regulation 21:
Appeals (PDF 59KB)
Welsh Translation (PDF 60KB)

Regulation 22:
Penalties (PDF 64KB)
Welsh Translation (PDF 65KB)


Regulation 23:
Fees (PDF 69KB)
Welsh Translation (PDF 91KB)


* Guidance notes for regulation 11 will be updated shortly

General guidance documents:
Regulation 8 supplies

Training examples (PDF 155KB) and case studies to assist local authorities in the identification of Regulation 8 supplies.

Materials in contact with drinking water

Information note on Regulation 5 (PDF 270KB) (or Regulation 5 (PDF 92KB) in Wales) on the use of products and substances which come into contact with water in private water supplies. Further details can be found on our Regulation 5 webpage for PWS Installations.

Templates and worked examples

The information required to be submitted by local authorities is set out in the following three Annexes:

  • Annex 1 (xls 447KB) : An Excel file containing local authority data
  • Annex 2 (xls 406KB) : Worked example
  • Annex 3 (PDF 210KB) : Worksheet Specification

Notices and worked examples

Risk assessments

The PWS Information Pack (Word 1.1MB)  can be used to help gather information from private supply relevant person(s) ahead of any planned risk assessment

DWI has produced an Action Plan look up table (PDF 776KB) listing common mitigation measures to aid the risk assessment.

Visit our Risk Assessment webpage for the risk assessment tools and explanatory notes.

Sampling manual

To aid local authorities in conducting this duty the Inspectorate has produced a sampling manual (PDF 423KB) which outlines all the required information to ensure regulatory monitoring requirements are met by way of standard best practice.


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