Bouchier Report

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Title Page (14KB)
Introductory Letter (29KB)
Membership (42KB)
Contents (43KB)
Chapter 1: Summary and recommendations (95KB)
Chapter 2: Introduction (72KB)
Chapter 3: Lessons learnt from outbreaks of waterborne cryptosporidiosis (90KB)
Chapter 4: Assessment of contamination risk for groundwater resources (133KB)
Chapter 5: Advice to water utilities (64KB)
Chapter 6: Advice on management of waterborne outbreaks of cryptosporidiosis (99KB)
Chapter 7: Guidance on the epidemiological investigation of outbreaks of infection (53KB)
Chapter 8: Advice to the immunocompromised individual (68KB)
Chapter 9: Current therapeutic approaches to cryptosporidiosis (81KB)
Chapter 10: Advice on private water supplies (47KB)
Chapter 11: Review of research (62KB)
Appendix 1: Badenoch Reports - key recommendations (67KB)
Appendix 2: Agriculture as a source of Cryptosporidium and measures to reduce risks (63KB)
Appendix 3: Advice for Outbreak Control Teams (59KB)
Appendix 4: Guidance on the epidemiological investigation of outbreaks of infection (99KB)
Sub-appendix 4.1: Investigation of sporadic cases of cryptosporidiosis (32KB)
Sub-appendix 4.2: Regulation 29 (26KB)
Sub-appendix 4.3: Guidance to be given to interviewers (31KB)
Sub-appendix 4.4: Case control study (example) (31KB)
Sub-appendix 4.5: Cryptosporidiosis outbreak investigation questionnaire (example) (77KB)
Appendix 5: Cryptosporidium in natural mineral waters and beverages (95KB)
Appendix 6: Keeping your private water supply safe - advice from the Drinking Water Inspectorate (44KB)
Appendix 7: Molecular and antigenic aspects of Cryptosporidium and cryptosporidiosis (a brief review) (87KB)
Appendix 8: Review of research published since publication of the Second Report of the Expert Group (198KB)
Appendix 9: Abbreviations and Glossary (62KB)


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