Risk assessments

The Drinking Water Inspectorate held a one-day workshop for water companies and a range of external stakeholders in March 2010. The aims were to present new regulations related to risk assessment and risk management, provide an update on the industry’s progress with meeting the requirements of those regulations and describe the next steps to fully implementing risk assessment and risk management for both the industry and DWI.

The presentations given at the workshop are available to download below.

  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management – An Industry Workshop
    9th March 2010, University College London, Gower Street, London, WC1 6BT
Presentation from Prof. Jeni Colbourne (Chief Inspector of Drinking Water)
pdf image (155KB)
Regulatory Requirements and Guidance – Milo Purcell
pdf image (107KB)
Feedback on Work to Date – Annabelle May
pdf image (606KB)
Reg 28 Reports : What have they revealed? – Annabelle May
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Emerging Issues – Claire Pollard
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United Utilities
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Dwr Cymru
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South East Water
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Anglian Water
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